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LSR 2018

When: September 11-13, 2018

Where: Anaheim, California

Industry leaders and silicone experts will convene at LSR 2018 to discuss technological and scientific developments in liquid silicon rubber and related materials and explore new commercial uses for LSR in various markets (medical, automotive, electronics, consumer products, and more).

Torsten Kruse to present:

Advanced LSR Simulation Technologies to Optimize the Design and Molding Process

Continuous improvements in part design, mold design, and molding processes are essential for maintaining a competitive edge in the ever-expanding LSR Healthcare molding market. By using advanced CAE simulation technologies, design phases can be shortened, molding process can be predicted, and molded parts can be optimized.

To achieve these results, the shear sensitive viscosity behavior of LSR materials should be simulated to accurately predict flow behavior and shear-induced heating effects. New fully automatic BLM (Boundary Layer Mesh) technology can create accurate mesh density in required areas.

High shear rates in thin film or pin gates and thin wall thicknesses can cause shear-induced heat which influences viscosity, flow behavior, and flow-induced premature scorch and cure effects.
Several practical examples will demonstrate how advanced mesh technologies can be used to better predict shear-induced material flow behavior and how to optimize vent and over-flow placements.

In addition, heat balance inside a high cavitation LSR mold with a narrow cavity spacing requirement will be evaluated. Lastly, optimizing heater placement and heater wattage to avoid cold spot conditions that could influence overall cycle time and part cure behavior will be examined.


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