Injection Molding Simulation

At Kruse Analysis, our mission is to assist companies in the injection molding industry, primarily by focusing our efforts on CAE molding simulations.

Performing mold filling analysis will not only ensure that a part will fill properly, but it will also allow your engineers to have a virtual vision and a smooth “art to part” development and manufacturing process. It is a tool that helps the engineer visualize how a plastic part is molded and performs.

Of course, the results and interpretations of an analysis are only as good as the overall knowledge of the analyst running your simulations. At Kruse Analysis, we pride ourselves on our many years of experience in part design, mold design, material chemistry, processing training, and actual hands-on molding.

Analysts not only need experience, but they also need state of the art CAE and CAD software, high tech hardware systems and innovative tools and methods to present your analysis results. At Kruse Analysis, we have them all –we are currently using Moldex3D as our main simulation software systems.

But that’s not all – our service to you does not end with a simple report. After our analysis, we provide real-time online simulation reviews, which can be recorded for future evaluation within your organization whenever needed. This allows for continued access to not only the results, but the in-depth evaluation, discussion, and recommendations from Kruse Analysis.

If you can design it, we can simulate it. From art-to-part, we are your trusted source for injection molding simulation services.

Kruse Analysis Services

Your product starts with an idea. Turning your idea into a product and getting it to market as quickly as possible is both a challenge and an opportunity. We will help you design your idea into an optimized product of the highest quality that can be manufactured in the fastest, most cost-effective way.

Mold Filling, Packing, and Shrinkage/Warpage Simulations

– Optimize cavity fill pattern
– Optimize gates (size, number, location)
– Optimize cold and hot runners
– Perform runner balancing simulations
– Weldline placement optimizations
– Perform air trap evaluations
– Evaluate pressure requirements
– Determine potential short shots
– Evaluate runner shear imbalance
– Determine material shear rate
– Determine shear stress limits
– Evaluate fiber orientation
– Determine possible core shift
– Evaluate mold venting


Mold Thermal Simulations

– Optimize waterline placements
– Optimize heater placements
– Determine true 3D mold temps
– Conduct cavity cluster evaluations
– Conduct mold thermal steady state
– Evaluate mold steel combinations
– Perform water flow simulations

Many other simulations available


Thermoplastic Injection Molding

– Thermoset injection molding
– Rubber injection molding
– LSR injection molding
– Chemical foaming injection molding
– MuCell injection molding
– Gas-assist injection molding
– Water-assist injection molding
– Insert over-molding
– Two material over-molding
– Two material co-injection molding