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Mold Flow Simulation and Analysis

Simulation is an invaluable tool that allows you to evaluate key factors that can impact moldability before a part is designed and a mold is built.

This critical process saves you time and money by providing optimal solutions which can eliminate the potential for costly part redesign and mold rework.

Many aspects of injection molding can be analyzed, from gate and runner sizes to identification of potential weldline locations and air traps, wall thickness enhancements to achieve uniform filling, and injection pressure requirements. In addition, mold flow analysis shows you filling, packing, and cooling during a molding cycle, and how molding process parameters influence molded-in stress which can lead to shrinkage and warpage.

All before a part is designed and a mold is built.

An Interactive Online
Knowledge and Training System

Kruse Training offers state-of-the-art online training solutions that use 3D process simulation technology to demonstrate cause and effect of molding behavior. This interactive training program illustrates how "The Circle of Knowledge" between the part designer, mold designer, and process engineers works in the real world of plastic mold and design.