Torsten Kruse

"For many years I traveled throughout North America visiting tool makers and injection molding companies, seeing thousands of injection molding applications. By working hands-on with these molds, I gained the knowledge and broad spectrum expertise that I can now pass along to my simulation customers."



Torsten Kruse is a highly regarded industry expert in the injection molding industry. Following a successful 10-year career at Arburg, Inc. he formed his own company, Kruse Analysis, in 1995. Since that time, Torsten has worked with vast array of clients from various industries around the globe, providing him with a broad spectrum of experience in molding applications. During his career, Torsten developed customized in-house training courses for injection molders, was featured as a main platform speaker at NPE ’94, and served as a consultant and shareholder in the development of Paulson’s Sim-Tech™ injection molding simulator and DVD-based injection molding training courses.

Torsten has also received prestigious certification awards during his career, which he achieved by demonstrating his knowledge of the injection molding process, mold-making materials, and problem solving skills. Through many years of experience, Torsten was able to create simulations and provides recommendations to optimize mold design and manufacturing techniques. Torsten is an expert in providing CAE simulation services to his clients.

While still at Arburg, Torsten worked on customers’ injection molding applications, designed and delivered customer-training programs, and headed the internal injection molding applications department. Torsten has since become a well-respected and sought-out educator in simulations software technology, helping train and advise moldmaking engineers and designers all over the world.