Kruse Analysis leads the industry in injection molding simulation service technology.

This critical process saves clients time and money and provides optimal solutions, eliminating the potential for costly part redesign and mold rework. Many aspects of injection molding can be evaluated, such as gate size and location, identification of potential weldline locations, air traps, wall thickness enhancement to achieve uniform filling, and injection pressure requirements, just to name a few. In addition, mold flow analysis provides you with a visual understanding of the mold filling, packing, and cooling during a mold cycle, and how molding process parameters will influence molded-in stress leading to shrinkage and warpage, all before the tool is designed and built.

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About Torsten Kruse

“I have spent my career assisting companies
optimize their injection molding projects.”

Torsten Kruse is a highly regarded industry expert in the injection molding industry. Following a successful 7-year career at Arburg, Inc. he formed his own company, Kruse Analysis, in 1995. Since that time, Torsten has worked with a multitude of clients from varied industries around the globe and established a broad spectrum of experience in molding applications and solutions.

While still at Arburg, Torsten worked on customers’ injection molding applications, designed, and delivered customer-training programs, and headed the internal injection molding applications department. Torsten has since become a well-respected and sought-out educator in simulations software technology, helping train and advise part designers, mold making engineers and molders all over the world.
Building on his experience in training development, Torsten launched Kruse Training in 2016. The core premise of this program was built around the “Circle of Knowledge”, a simple premise that when knowledge flows from a part designer to a mold designer to a process engineer, and back again, a “Circle of Knowledge” is created within the team. The goal of Kruse Training is to develop synergistic teams of cross-trained professionals who can successfully design and mold plastic components.

With an eye on the next generation of professionals, Torsten created Molding Expert, LLC, focusing his efforts on virtual reality (VR) research and development for the injection molding industry.

Molding Expert, LLC

The NEXT generation … 

There can be various uses for VR in the injection molding industry. Molding Expert, LLC was created to develop a VR training tool in part to attract our next generation of leaders and thinkers. An experienced VR development team, in conjunction with Torsten Kruse, are positioning Molding Expert, LLC to be the industry leader in this revolutionary training method.